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Healthgrades: assisting expectant mothers & Health-Conscious Families Find the physician & Hospital You heard that right For Them

The small type: Healthgrades provides beneficial online learning resources to get in touch patients and medical practioners across the US. The web site’s straightforward search features enable visitors to browse through significantly more than 1.1 million doctors structured by speciality and area. Whether you are looking for a good obstetrician, gynecologist, or family doctor, Healthgrades provides patients valuable information, including over 6 million customer rankings, to motivate sound decision-making. Healthgrades additionally associates with medical facilities to facilitate more important and interesting interactions between medical care providers and customers. Website empowers over one million day-to-day people to learn about their own health solutions and pick what is actually ideal for their needs. The next time you’re because of for a checkup, you can easily count on Healthgrades to provide comprehensive information on neighborhood health practitioners of all specialties.


When you’re pregnant, you face most selections, from what sort of delivery experience you intend to how exactly to embellish the baby’s area. One of the first & most crucial decisions during a pregnancy entails picking a health treatment expert to maintain you and your infant.

For first-timers, the process of picking a seasoned and dependable obstetrician can be a frightening task. Tiffany B., a pregnant lady from Port St Lucie, Fl, was not pleased with arbitrarily selecting a health care provider’s title at random, so she decided to go to Healthgrades to appear right up details about local OBs.

“As I found out I became pregnant with my first kid, I happened to be looking for an OB which i possibly could trust for my best interest planned,” — Tiffany B., an individual from Port St. Lucie, Florida

After some online investigation, she along with her partner found a highly suggested obstetrician known as Dr. Dudley Brown. Urged by doctor’s positive reviews on Healthgrades, Tiffany contacted Dr. Brown and became his individual. Several months later, she had written her own Healthgrades review on physician to state she had got a phenomenal experience with him. In Line With The Tiffany’s review, Dr. Brown with his staff had been always specialist and ready to respond to any questions she had along the way.

On Healthgrades, first-hand ratings (like Tiffany’s) offer you a feel your physician and employees so you can select your doctor with confidence.

Started in 1998, Healthgrades is an extensive on line resource for anybody seeking a regional physician or hospital they can trust. The web site has created info and evaluations on 1.1 million physicians in all areas and subspecialties, including family medication, obstetrics, pediatrics, urology, and inner medicine. Website visitors can go on the internet to compare prices, study ratings, and select a physician that is right for their own needs.

“nowadays, above one million people per day utilize the Healthgrades web site to look, compare, and relate with medical facilities and medical professionals,” said Andrea Pearson, fundamental Marketing Officer for Healthgrades. “We in addition spouse with medical center and wellness methods around the world to incorporate technologies remedies for generate finding a health care provider easier and easy.”

From organization’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado, a separate team is found on a goal to encourage customers to decide on a physician with full confidence. Whether you are considering a beneficial physician, gynecologist, or cardiologist, Healthgrades can help you evaluate scores of local health practitioners, select the right match, and book an appointment from any desktop or mobile device.

“The health treatment program can be very challenging to navigate, therefore we need to offer end-to-end solutions for buyers and healthcare facilities,” Andrea explained. “since the connections we help forge can really help during the quest to higher wellness!”

Consumer-Driven evaluation Tools: Over 6 Million Ratings Online

Healthgrades facilitates a discussion among clients posting and reading product reviews regarding their local healthcare suppliers. The available community forum assists visitors examine encounters and select an established doctor in almost any specialized.

“buyers use the web site to find, compare, and get in touch with hospitals and medical professionals on the basis of the important steps when choosing a physician: experience, medical facility quality, and diligent fulfillment,” Andrea informed us. “These evaluations are very important to buyers once they attempt their health care quest.”

On Healthgrades, look for through over 1 million diligent reviews and 6 million released reviews to choose if a particular doctor meet n fuck mobiles your own requirements. The users plainly exhibit the medic’s knowledge, regions of knowledge, contact details, medical high quality ranks, and patient fulfillment ratings. Per Healthgrades’ internal investigation, as soon as the consumer possesses this kind of details about your physician or rehearse, they may be 82percent very likely to create a consultation.

“We bring together sophisticated functionality to choose health practitioners. Our very own innovation solutions assistance clients connect to and create better connections the help of its physicians,” stated Andrea. “This will make Healthgrades a must-visit first for buyers when they must find a doctor.”

Healthgrades encourages a residential district of customers discussing their unique tales together in reviews, reviews, and blog posts. Women who are pregnant the very first time can visit the Stories part to see through exactly what new mothers need say about their experiences with maternity and work.

“All my preconceived notions of that was meant to happen were outside,” had written VI, a mommy from Denver, Colorado. “I found myself exhausted and thank goodness for all the epidural or I would’ve perhaps not had the capacity receive any remainder at all.”

“All of our website is a great location for buyers for connecting collectively and share insights using their experiences additionally the decisions they made,” Andrea mentioned. “many patients tend to be going to to review their unique doctors and show information about their own attention knowledge.”

An Easy-to-Understand site on medical care Information

Healthgrades is over a place to check right up medical practioners — it really is a refreshing academic resource regarding the difficulties faced by health care customers. The site provides valuable information about different health subjects to greatly help site visitors create updated choices when considering their health.

Though the aunt sites, Right analysis and OurHealth, individuals can investigate various health problems, illnesses, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments on the web. Whether you are focused on an STD or interested in women’s medical and health factors, these sites supply in depth and well-informed guidance for clients.

In accordance with Andrea, “Healthgrades creates material to assist teach and inform visitors about interesting trends in the market and offer insights from credible resources.”

“We believe the long term for Healthgrades is extremely brilliant, and now we’re thrilled to try out part in helping consumers find and interact with the best doctor.” — Andrea Pearson, CMO at Healthgrades

To most useful offer the women and men which visited Healthgrades for answers, the internet site features widened its academic content to cover all facets of medical care. For the Healthguides part, patients can find out more about delicate health subjects, including coping with impotence and coping with HIV. Information is provided in a definite, quickly browsed format with advised related reading open to assist respond to any followup questions.

“Healthgrades is actually the one-stop shop for buyers shopping for a health care provider and pursuing info to greatly help let them know of these selections,” Andrea said, “which instills self-confidence in their healthcare decision-making.”

Attaining Excellence Through Effective Teamwork & Collaboration

Healthgrades features several workplaces in cities throughout the US, such as Atlanta, Madison, Raleigh, and Denver. Working as a unit, associates work directly collectively in jobs that notably influence how clients interact with medical doctors and hospitals.

The authority team at Healthgrades stresses group spirit and cooperation. Among businesses six key values is “Achieve excellence collectively.”

“precisely what we accomplish at Healthgrades is by successful teamwork,” Andrea informed all of us. “you will find not too many parts where specific members function alone.”

Their combined attempts drive all of them toward their particular overarching aim of getting a lot more transparency to medical care. With obtainable details and user-friendly look tools, Healthgrades helps make determining or talking about physician very easy.

“we all know the electronic health industry is fast-moving, and it is thrilling to-be part of that development,” Andrea stated. “We additionally know we possess the most influence as soon as we are dealing with opportunities as a team.”

Create Informed Health Decisions by talking to Healthgrades

No matter exactly what ailment you are dealing with, it’s important to select the correct physician who is able to support. Using Healthgrades, it’s not necessary to count on guesswork discover your physician you would like — you can search on the internet through detailed profiles on over 1.1 million physicians and 2 million medical care experts.

Healthgrades provides a mixture of objective biographical details and personal individual product reviews supply people an entire understanding of their health attention options. The site will make it no problem finding a lot of dependable medical practioners and healthcare facilities nationwide. Women that are pregnant, like Tiffany B., are able to use this resource to decide on a nearby OB who’s the most effective fit for them.’s technical solutions are rapidly modifying ways men and women interact with doctors and hospitals. The site allows people to easily browse, select, and book a scheduled appointment with your physician they are able to trust. In some clicks, it is possible to make certain your family are looked after.

“At Healthgrades, we believe that assisting a conversation between providers and clients is foundational to cultivating positive relationships and driving clear conversations that drive much better wellness outcomes,” Andrea told us. “We bring most of the pieces collectively to greatly help consumers navigate their particular choices confidently.”

Proceso valorativo

*La autoevaluación

Es la reflexión y regulación autocrítica que permite que el estudiante autodefina sus metas y logros de aprendizaje; esta evaluación busca que la autoformación se consolide desde una perspectiva ética de valores.

*La coevaluación

Apunta a la participacion colectiva y comunitaria en la valoración de los procesos formativos y aprendizajes generados, se articula con la colaboración y trabjao grupal al interior de los Ed o el Doigdag en las comunidades.

*La heteroevaluación

Se realiza desde los diferentes agentes educativos sobre los procesos contextuales, formativos y funcionales para el logro de los alcances de la educación Wounaan.


El plan de estudios se estructura por doigdag, o niveles en el curso de vida. En el plan de estudios se consideran siete (7) doigdag, cada uno con una duración de dos años. Cada uno de ellos comprende cuatro(4) períodos de seis (6) meses denominado Ed, o fases de enseñanza-aprendizaje. En los doigdag se abordan los diferentes ejes temáticos que articulan los conocimientos propios y los conocimientos ajenos, mediante asignaturas-temáticas cuyos contenidos y subtemas se abordan por Ed. De tal forma y en correspondencia con el ciclo de vida wounaan, se indica el progresión del aprendizaje.

Ciclos del Doigdag

En lo cultural, el doigdag es el nivel de conocimiento y cambio de vida en el tiempo actual de un sujeto wounaan. el doigdag simboliza la pintura facial y corporal en las ceremonias espirituales y festividades y representa el recorrido por el cambio de vida para llegar a Ewandam durr.

Los doigdag también incluyen los grados de la educaciòn oficial por dos años, con lo que se obtiene secuencialmente, continuidad y promociòn entre las asignaturas-temáticas y los contenidos de un grado a otro del mismo nivel. 

Ejes Temáticos

La educaciòn del Wounaan, tiene la intencionalidad política de formar a niños, niñas y jóvenes como sujetos comprendidos con su comunidad. En esa medida, los procesos educativos se centran en el fortalecimiento de la identidad y de la cultura propia.
La tierra es mucho màs que el lugar donde se vive, es nuestra madre, Machh Durr, la que nos da vida; por eso nos ebemos a ella y nuestro compromiso es conservarla y cuidarla
En los procesos educativos Wounaan es una prioridad que nuestros niños, niñas y jóvenes se formen en el reconocimiento y capacidad de gestiòn para la protecciòn de sus derechos.


La base de este Eje es la paropiaciòn y fortalecimiento de la lengua propia y el aprendizaje del español como segunda lengua.
Nuestros jóvenes necesitan aprender conocimientos que les sean útiles para sobrevivir en nuestro medio, como pueden ser pescar, recolectar alimentos o tejer la cestería.

Esferas del conocimiento

Para nosotros el conocimiento no es la informaciòn en si, sino que son los sentidos, es el estimulo, la motivaciòn y el ejercicio de nuestra capacidad para escuchar, observar, hacer, crear y re-crear.
En ese sentido, el curriculo lo concebimos como un lugar de movilizaciòn del conocimiento y sus campos de la cultura propia y la interculturalidad, de la educaciòn y la escuela, de la pedagogia y la didactica.
Este propicia el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje en el contexto mediante la escucha, la observaciòn y el hacer en la práctica comunitaria y pedagógica.